BERLIN 16.07.2021


Energy-intensive industries (EIIs) need to significantly improve their energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and resource use and increase equipment lifetime.

To support this goal of unrivalled importance for our planet, Loptek, as project member of ACHIEF (a Horizon 2020 project), develops advanced high-performance temperature sensors based on the Fiber Bragg Grating technology. These sensors will deliver the necessary data to develop industry specific measures to effectively reduce CO2!

Loptek has >25 years of experience in fiber optic sensing and has developed market leading know-how on fiber optic high-temperature sensing in harsh environments.

We are proud to contribute to solutions for a better climate!

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BERLIN, 24.06.2021


The engionic AG, which is invested in FemtoFiberTec since its foundation in 2013, agreed with the co-investors from Stöbich Group, to acquire their remaining 50% of the equity of FemtoFiberTec GmbH, effective June 2021.

“Our investment showed an outstanding performance and value development over the past, almost eight years. Hence, it is a good moment to let the strategic investor with a clear focus on fiber optics take over full control.” says Wolfgang van Pels, Managing Director, Stöbich Holding GmbH.

For the engionic group companies (Loptek, KiessigCNC and FemtoFiberTec), the full integration of FemtoFiberTec is the stringent step forward to fully control the value chain, from the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) to the calibrated FBG sensor to comprehensive FBG sensor system solutions.

FemtoFiberTec has been the first commercial supplier of and is the worldwide market leader for femtosecond-laser-written FBGs and FBG arrays. “The market has recognized and appreciates the unrivaled benefits, that result from our production technology. Hence, we will continue to invest in production capacity and further technology and process developments at our manufacturing and R&D location in Goslar.” says Mark Thielenhaus, Chief Executive Officer, engionic AG.

FemtoFiberTec and Stöbich Group will continue their successful and application-oriented R&D co-operation.

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BERLIN, 07.06.2021


FBG sensors in carbon coated fiber are ideally suited for temperature and structural integrity monitoring in hydrogen environments!

++ Intrinsically safe sensors – FBG sensors are passive and safe to use in explosive environments

++ No fiber darkening / sensor failure – FBG sensors protected by carbon coating to prevent hydrogen ingress

++ Small and easy to apply – FBG sensors are inscribed in an optical fiber, very lightweight and easy to apply to tanks or pipelines

++ Highest spatial measurement resolution – FBG sensors in arrays can contain up to hundreds of sensor points in just one fiber

++ Fast sensor response – FBG sensor measurements happen at the speed of light

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BERLIN, 18.05.2021


As the specialist for fiber optic temperature and strain sensors based on fs-laser-written Fiber Bragg Gratings, LOPTEK is offering a broad range of coating options. For structural health monitoring or measurements in harsh environments, our PEEK ruggedised sensing fiber, which is coated with an ultra-high-performance engineering polymer, shows excellent physical protection against breakage, abrasion or high temperatures and, at the same time, optimal strain transfer for fast and reliable measurement results.




High temperature stability

PEEK coated fibers can measure distributed temperatures and strain in environments up to 260°C


Chemically inert

PEEK is resistant to almost all organic and inorganic chemicals and is radiation resistant


Mechanical stability

PEEK is very scratch-resistant and not very abrasive


Easy handling and long lifetime

PEEK coated fibers can be embedded directly into the construction concrete


Excellent strain transfer

PEEK in combination with polyimide coated sensing fibers perform excellent strain transfer




PEEKs high temperature stability, strength-to-weight ratio and chemical resistance makes it ideally suited for a wide range of sensing applications, especially in harsh environments such as downhole, subsea sensing, energy and aerospace or structural health monitoring of bridges, dams and pipelines.


We can provide custom PEEK coated sensing fibers with individual sensor distances from centimeters to several hundreds of meters, from a single sensor point up to hundreds of sensor points, arranged in the cable according to customer specifications.

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BERLIN, 06.01.2021


Effective January 1st, 2021 Dr. Margarethe Kampling, as accessor of Mr. Olaf Raitza, has taken over the position of the Managing Director of the engionic group companies Loptek GmbH, FemtoFiberTec GmbH and KIESSIG CNC-Zerspanung GmbH.

Dr. Kampling joined the groups management team in 2013 as Head of Sales and significantly contributed to the successful development and growth of the companies. In the last twelve months, she gradually took over further management responsibilities to ensure a smooth and successful transition of the business.

Her accessor as Head of Sales is Dr. Felix Leyssner. In August 2018, he joined the group as Senior Sales Manager for the FemtoFiberTec GmbH. In 2019 he additionally took over the responsibility for the newly established business division FBG Sensing and will from now on be responsible for the entire Sales Team of all engionic group companies.

After more than 20 years as Managing Director, Mr. Olaf Raitza bids farewell to the engionic group and enters into his well-deserved retirement phase. However, for a transitional period, he will continue to support the group companies as an external consultant. We sincerely thank Mr. Raitza for the longstanding and very successful management and development of the group and wish him all the best for the upcoming new stage in life!