BERLIN, 26.05.2016


We are very proud to present you our latest product development for sensing applications in nuclear environments: Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) in radiation hard fibers.

Only our unique fs-laser writing technology enables us to write FBGs into commercially available radiation hard fibers. Common writing technologies based on UV inscription cannot provide FBG sensing solutions that survive such harsh conditions.
The intrinsic safety, the independence from power supply, the immunity to electromagnetic interference and the enhanced multiplexing capabilities make optical fiber sensors based on our FBGs an interesting alternative to conventional sensor solutions in nuclear environments.

Based on extensive research in the past decade it is well understood that radiation degrades the optical transmission of standard optical fibers. The development of radiation hardened fibers, nowadays commercially available from numerous specialty fiber manufacturers, reduces the impact of nuclear radiation on the attenuation of the fiber.

Conventional FBGs require a germanium-doped fiber that is photosensitive. Those fibers show high signal losses in radiating environments and hence sensing applications based on these conventional fiber bragg gratings are not applicable for such harsh environments. The FemtoFiberTec production process of fiber bragg gratings is based on the inscription of fiber bragg gratings with a femtosecond (fs) laser that does not require any doping or photosensitivity of the fiber. FBGs can be written into broad variety of commercially available radiation hardened fibers. The survival of the FBG in a nuclear environment is solely depending on the survival qualities of the used radiation hard fiber.

FemtoFiberTec is the only commercial supplier of fs-laser written FBGs worldwide, that provides the possibility to write FBGs into radiation hard fibers. This new product opens up a broad variety of new sensing possibilities in nuclear environments.

FemtoFiberTec will continue its research in this area including extensive testing of the behavior of commercially available radiation hard fibers in different nuclear environments.

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