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  • for the production of fiber optic components,
  • fiber Bragg sensing solutions and high precision CNC parts


The engionic group with its companies engionic Femto Gratings GmbH, engionic Fiber Optics GmbH and engionic CNC GmbH is a leading provider in the fiber optics market. We design, manufacture and deliver tailor-made OEM products and services, from customized developments in one-off production to large-volume serial production.

Within the group, engionic AG fulfills the function of a strategic investment holding company. All share holdings are bundled in this company. The main purpose of the holding company is the active further development of the business portfolio through organic growth and the selective acquisition of further businesses, as well as the identification of new technologies and products that are evolving on the market and can be scaled to industrial levels.

engionic AG is a family business and privately owned.


The group‘s technological focus lies on the design and production of fiber optic components and sensors, as well as the production of high quality precision CNC parts. Our core markets are medical technology, industrial production monitoring and process sensors, the energy sector, notably the monitoring of conventional power plants and wind turbines, as well as process monitoring in oil and gas production.

Fiber Bragg Gratings

engionic Femto Gratings GmbH offers fs-laser-written Fiber Bragg Gratings that are unique on the market and with strong technological advantages compared to conventional FBG and other industrial sensor solutions.

Sensor System Solutions

engionic Fiber Optics GmbH manufactures FBG based fiber optic sensors that open up completely new sensing possibilities, as well as individual OEM developments and entire sensing system solutions with interrogation unit.

Fiber Optic Light Guides

Fiber optic assembly from the specialist - engionic Fiber Optics GmbH offers you innovative solutions for light guides, cross-section converters, probes, vacuum feedthroughs and customer-specific developments.

CNC Machining

engionic CNC GmbH manufactures high-quality mechanical components according to customer-individual specifications in the highest quality and for demanding industries such as medical and optics.


Members of engionic Group

engionic Fiber Optics GmbH has been designing and manufacturing tailor-made fiber optic light guide solutions and fiber optic sensors since 1992.

engionic Femto Gratings GmbH is the first commercial manufacturer of Fiber Bragg Gratings based on a complex and highly automated fs-laser inscription process.

engionic CNC GmbH is specialized in the production of CNC components, made with an exceptionally high level of precision and quality.